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Birth & Death Registration

Within 21 days of occurrence of birth/Death one can register Birth/Death at Birth/Death Registration Centre of the concerned ward and get the certificate.

If it is more than 21 days but less than 1 year the registration can be done and certificate can be made available from the main registrar office of the Municipal Corporation on production of application in prescribed format with adequate fee receipt, proof of birth/death and original court affidavit.

If period is more than 1 year of the occurrence of birth/death, one has to apply in prescribed format along with adequate fee receipt, evidences and original court affidavit for getting “ NO RECORD CERTIFICATE”. Along with this certificate, and other required documents one has to get court orders from the First Class Judicial Magistrate Court. These orders are to be submitted to the registrar birth/Deaths along with fee receipt, for registering birth/Death and getting the certificate of registration.

Updation of Child Name in Birth Register

One can include name of child within one year of the registration of the birth at birth /Death at registration centre at no cost.

After completion of the 1 year of the registration, name can be included on producing application on a prescribed format, fee receipt, certified copy of school leaving certificate of child or original bonafide certificate of the school where child is studying, On producing two certified copies of the proof of father's name with surname, surname can be added after father's name in the register.

Duplicate Certificate

To get extra copies of Birth/Death after the registration of Birth/Death or to get English translated copies of the certificate one has to approach any of the nearest city civic centers of The Municipal Corporation on Municipal Corporation working days between 11.00 to 5.00 P.M.. There, a form has to be filled in. On submission of the same, we can get as many copies as we want on chargeable basis. The charges for such the copies are Rs. 25.00 per copy of certificate.

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