Dahod Nagar Palika
Birth Place of Auranzeb

The Dahod city is situated on the banks of Dudhimati river.  Dahod is a small city with a municipality in the Dahod district.  Dahod city is the administrative headquarter of the district.  Nearest metropolitan cities are Ahmadabad (200 KM) and Vadodara (150 KM).  Dahod city is also the birth place of Aurangzeb, the Mughal emperor of early 17th century.

The far flung areas of Godi Road and Godhra Road have been considerably developed, making the overall habitation and commercial areas very expansive. Land rates per square foot are not far behind Mumbai's rates.

Shiv Mandir Bakva

Ancient remains of Shiv temple, constructed during 746-483 B.C., are located in Bavka village of Dahod District. This temple has been declared a historical monument due to its unique sculpture. A tank near the temple creates beautiful, pleasant and natural atmosphere.